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Charging station installation

Are you looking for a company to install a charging station for you?

We are a manufacturer and distributor of charging stations with our own installation team operating throughout Poland. Regardless of the project scale, from individual charging stations to extensive networks in multiple locations and charging hubs, we guarantee punctuality, reliability, and efficiency.

When planning an investment in charging stations, it’s important to consider the implementation process. This includes tasks such as purchasing, delivery, installation, and preparing the documentation for the charging stations. Depending on the nature of the investment, specific requirements must be met to ensure that the installation can be put into operation.

Why Plugbox?


We complete all projects within the timeframe specified in the contract. We always meet the deadlines!


Quality guarantee for both equipment and installation – directly from Plugbox Europe.


Since 2019, we have been manufacturing and installing charging stations. We have successfully installed over 200+ station!


Every Plugbox charging station comes with a 24-month manufacturer's warranty and ongoing support in case of station malfunctions.

Charging station installation from Plugbox Europe

Poszukujesz firmy, która wykona dla Ciebie instalację stacji ładowania samochodów elektrycznych?

Our installation of charging stations includes:

  • Consultation and audit, as well as the preparation of a comprehensive cost estimate.
  • Delivery of electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Construction and/or preparation of the electrical installation for connecting the charging station.
  • Equipping the installation with safety devices.
  • Parking space preparation for the station’s construction.
  • Foundation preparation and parking space marking.
  • Installation of the charging station.
  • Connection and commissioning of the charging station.
  • Electrical measurements in compliance with UDT requirements.
  • Preparation of post-execution documentation.
  • Programming the charging station and connecting it to the management system.

Our company has completed hundreds of charging station installations in the market. As a manufacturer and distributor, we guarantee the full process – from purchase, through installation, to acceptance and servicing of the charging stations. We successfully carry out installations of both AC and DC charging stations. Our effectiveness is confirmed by numerous successful partnerships.

We start the charging station installation with an audit. Thanks to it, you can be sure that the station's location and electrical installation meet the installation requirements. We offer:

  • Preparing the electrical installation for connecting the charging station.
  • Installation of electrical installation protection measures.
  • Parking space preparation for the station's construction, including foundations, charger mounting elements, and protection against collisions with the charging station.
  • Electrical measurements of the installation and the charging station.
  • Post-execution documentation.
  • Documentation required for UDT acceptance.

The installation of electric vehicle charging stations is carried out by specialists who have the necessary qualifications, authorizations, and experience in the field of electrical installations and charging stations.

Plugbox installers possess:

  • Required SEP authorizations enabling the installation, setup, and measurements of charging stations.
  • The necessary equipment and technical tools for installation.
  • They professionally deal with low-voltage electrical installations.
  • The process of charging station installation can be complex, depending on the type of charger and local conditions.
  • Installation specialists are adequately trained and capable of correctly connecting the station to the electrical grid, ensuring safety and charging efficiency

The installation of electric vehicle charging stations involves working with the electrical installation. Lack of proper knowledge and equipment can result in the charger not functioning correctly, safety issues, and the loss of warranty for the device.

The cost of installing a charging station varies and depends on the nature of the investment, its location, and the scale of the project. The total cost of charger installation is provided after an audit is performed. So, if you are interested in the cost of installing a station, please use the contact form below to obtain precise information. We provide individualized quotations for each project.

Our company, PlugBox, specializes in supplying various models of home and public electric vehicle charging stations. As a manufacturer, we place great emphasis on promoting electromobility. Explore the devices currently available in the catalog and order the one that perfectly meets your expectations—we provide support in your selection! As a manufacturer, we ensure that each device is meticulously refined in every detail. By choosing our products, you are guaranteed their safe use.

PlugBox is a registered trademark owned by PlugBox Europe Ltd., headquartered at 77A Dąbrowskiego Street (Nobel Tower) in Poznań.

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Contact our specialists and inquire about the cost of charging station installation. Use the contact form, send an email, or make a phone call. When submitting your inquiry, please specify whether it concerns a Plugbox Europe station or another manufacturer.

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