Types of Chargers

An important factor for the user of an electric vehicle is its charging time. It depends of power of the charging station and its type. Charging stations using alternating current (AC, charging mode3) are present on the market. In this mode, the charger functions as a kind of power supply that supplies the converter installed in the car. Actually the car is the brain of this operation and decides what power the vehicle will be charged. These are very cost-effective devices. The disadvantage, however, is that the available chargers are in the range of 3-22kW. Therefore, a fully charged vehicle equipped with a battery of even 30kWh will take a little over an hour at best. Therefore, these chargers are very popular in houses, garages, car parks and hotels.

The second type of chargers are DC charging stations. (DC, the so-called “mode 4”). These are high-powered professional devices. The DC charger does not use the converter placed in the car. Charges the battery directly. Chargers with up to 300kW of power are available on the market. So charging the popular Nissan Leaf will take only… 6 minutes. It is a time similar to refueling a petrol car. Therefore, this type of station will be popular on roads, shops and other places, where customers spend only a few minutes. Of course, the cost of such a station is incomparable to AC charger. These stations prices, starts from a dozen thousand EUR.

The cost of using an electric car

Nowadays, the use of an electric car hides an aspect not only ecological but also economical. This is one of the cheapest ways to travel. The cost of driving 100km depends on the energy provider (if we charge the car at home/office) or from the operator of the charging station and the prices it offers. On average, you can assume that driving 100 km costs about 2EUR.

Plug Types

Four types of electric car plugs dominate the Eureuropean market. A type 1 and type 2 plug is used to charge alternating current (AC). The type 2 is considered a standard and is the most popular plugin that can be found in Poland.

However, to recharge the vehicle using a solid-type station, a Chademo plug is used, which is a standard from Asia. This type is sometimes called Type 4. Europe uses a plug-in extension of type 2, with two additional pins, which is called CCS Combo2.This confirms regulation of the Minister of Energy of 26 june 2019 on technical requirements for charging stations and charging points as part of the infrastructure for the charging of public transport by road, according to which in public charging stations in Poland, the type 2 plugs for alternating current, AND CCS Combo 2 for direct current are in force.

Below is a list of the most popular brands and what plugins the manufacturer uses


AC | Mode 3 – Type 1


AC | Mode 3 – Type 2


DC | Mode 4 – CHAdeMO


DC | Mode 4 – CCS – ComboT2