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Plugbox Europe is a Polish company working in the production, distribution, assembly and servicing of charging stations field. Our journey begin in 2019 in Poznań. So far, we have served hundreds of customers, providing innovative solutions in the field of e-mobility. Last year, we started working on our own Communev application, an architecture for managing charging stations. Communev is developing dynamically, and the list of stations that have joined the system is constantly growing. We hope that we will cooperate on a common path to the energy transformation of transport all over the world!

There are charging stations on the market that use alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). Although there is no official division into chargers for home or business – due to the characteristics of the charging station, some chargers from our offer are more predisposed to be installed in a specific place.

AC stations, i.e. alternating current charging stations, are often referred to as “slower chargers” – they are a popular solution for homes and stations in companies, although they can also be found on Polish roads. AC stations are slower, with an average battery charge time of 1 to several hours. However, AC stations are much cheaper, easier to install – that’s why they are often chosen by private individuals.

DC stations, or “fast chargers” using direct current. Such devices have very high charging power and require specialized equipment, which makes them unsuitable for home installations. DC stations are much faster – a full charge of an electric car counts here in minutes, not hours. For this reason, they are often installed as public stations and stations for the own use of companies with their own fleets of electric vehicles.

Start with the Offer tab – all EV chargers available in our offer are waiting for you there. There you will find basic information about each of them, as well as familiarize yourself with their catalog cards.

However, if you do not know which station to choose – our advisors will be happy to help you!

To order a station:

Use the contact form;
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Within 24 hours our specialists will contact you and prepare a full offer for you! They will also be happy to answer any questions or doubts that bother you.

Four types of plugs for electric cars dominate the European market.

For alternating current (AC) charging, Type 1 and Type 2 plugs are used. Mennekes. Type 2 is considered the standard and it is the most popular plug that can be found in Poland.

To charge the vehicle using a direct current (DC) station, a CHAdeMO type plug is used, which is a standard taken from Asia. This type is sometimes called type 4.

Europe, on the other hand, uses an extension of the Type 2 plug with two extra pins, which is called CSS Combo. This is confirmed by the REGULATION OF THE MINISTER OF ENERGY of June 26, 2019 on technical requirements for charging stations and charging points that are part of the charging infrastructure of public road transport, according to which type 2 plugs for alternating current are in force at public charging stations in Poland, and CSS Combo 2 for DC.

The most popular type of plugs:

AC | Mode 3 – Type 1

AC | Mode 3 – Type 2

DC | Mode 4 – CHAdeMO

DC | Mode 4 – CCS – ComboT2

Don't know which charger to choose?

The choice of charging station depends on several factors, such as the type of electric vehicle, available power of the electrical system and user preferences. For private use, it is worth considering stations with moderate charging power, usually in the range of 7 to 22 kW.

Home user-friendly models are available with functions such as: connecting to a dedicated application (showing the current charging status, charging power, etc.), as well as independently adjusting the charging power based on communication with the car.

The Smart charging station is a model from our offer that is particularly willingly chosen by private individuals.

To learn about possible solutions, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer for private individuals. We are also at your disposal and will be happy to point out the differences between each station.

The choice of a charging station for a company depends on several key factors that are worth considering in order to meet the needs of both employees operating a fleet of electric vehicles.

For companies, we recommend both AC and DC stations.

If you do not have a large fleet of electric vehicles, the choice of station depends on your current needs. You must answer the question whether the company station will be used as the main station or only to “top up” the car during the day. We especially recommend AC stations to small companies – their purchase requires less financial outlay, and the car charging time will allow you to fully charge it while you are sitting at your desk.

If you have a large fleet of electric vehicles that are constantly in use, we recommend stations that support both AC and DC standards. Fast charging (DC) will allow you to top up your car on an ongoing basis during the day, while slow charging (AC) will ensure constant charging of cars at night so that they are ready for work in the morning.

To learn about possible solutions, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer for companies. As always – we are also at your disposal and we will be happy to point out the differences between each station.

Choosing a charging station for a hotel is important to ensure the comfort and convenience of guests who travel by electric vehicles.

It is worth remembering about the different charging standards in Europe and beyond. The purchase of an adapter for charging electric cars will allow you to charge a car with a connector that does not fit the charging socket.

For hotels, we especially recommend DC stations – due to the increasing number of people traveling by electric cars, more and more guests will be looking for this facility. By offering guests DC stations, i.e. fast charging stations, we guarantee that not one but several guests will use the charger during the day.

Do you rent a house/apartment? You should pay attention to AC charging stations. Our clients from the accommodation industry often choose the City station.

Consider charging stations with guest-friendly features such as Wi-Fi access or even special access cards for hotel guests – as well as access via apps. Thanks to our proprietary Communev system, billing charging stations is very easy! You can consider payment management options, such as offering free or paid guest charging.

To learn about possible solutions, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer for the hotel industry. As always – we are also at your disposal and we will be happy to point out the differences between each station.

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