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Modern charging stations for electric cars and
chargers for electric cars.

Electric car chargers

The development of electric vehicles seems to be a breakthrough comparable to the transition from steam engines to internal combustion engines. We are actively participating in this transformation and joining for work on the development of domestic and public charging infrastructure for electric cars. Our goal as a manufacturer is to provide customers with chargers for EV cars, optimized in terms of needs and costs. As the only one on the market, we offer charging stations for electric vehicles intended for self-assembly. Thanks to this, the crowds of our customers who they are hotels, restaurants, developers and companies with parking lots avoid costly installation and, above all, the so-called indirect costs. The current times require having a charging station to maintain the competitiveness of your business.

We will be happy to help you with this. Contact us and be EVREADY. PlugBox - modern charging stations for electric cars, chargers for electric cars.

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    Electric car charging stations - manufacturer

    Our company PlugBox specializes in providing various models of domestic and public charging stations for electric cars. We are the manufacturer that places great emphasis on popularizing electromobility. Familiarize yourself with the devices currently available in the catalog and order the one that perfectly meets your needs expectations - we provide support in the choice! The PlugBox range includes AC charging stations and DC, stationary, including home, and mobile. As a manufacturer, we make sure that each device is refined in the smallest details. By choosing our products, you are guaranteed the safety of their use.

    At the same time, we try to provide competitive prices, offering attractive financing. In addition, we also provide operator services of charging infrastructure, covering our machines with comprehensive care technical.

    PlugBox is a registered trademark belonging to PlugBox Europe Sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Poznań, at ul. Dąbrowskiego 77A (Nobel Tower).

    AC electric car charging stations

    One of the types of devices designed to replenish the battery capacity in EVs are AC (alternating current) models that use alternating current, i.e. flowing in the installation connected to the public grid. These are home charging stations for electric cars, which as a manufacturer we deliver for the needs of individual customers. They are perfect for use in undemanding conditions, i.e. for servicing one specific car, although in this category there are also variants that can handle several vehicles. The specificity of the AC installation is that it takes a relatively long time to fill the battery. In the case of home use, however, it does not matter much, because the driver can leave the car plugged in even for the whole night.

    In addition, this type of electric car charging station charges for work relatively small amounts of energy, which means limited operating expenses and no need to adapt the electrical installation to it. This in turn translates into easy and quick, and thus - cheap assembly. These are relatively small installations, the price of which is also relatively low - cost purchase of the simplest variants starts from a few thousand zlotys.

    DC electric car charging stations

    In our offer, which we present to customers as a direct manufacturer, apart from domestic ones, there are also much more advanced and extensive stations charging electric cars operating with the use of direct current. They are installed mainly in public places and frequented private buildings by many people. They are recommended wherever short battery replenishment time is of the utmost importance.

    DC electric car charging stations can reach power from 50 to up to 300 kW, so it takes only a dozen or so to fill the battery fully up to tens of minutes. This is the best solution, e.g. for large hotels or extensive car parks in shopping malls, but you have to take into account the relative cost high investment outlays. It is necessary to take into account both the cost of purchasing devices that we manufacture, as well as expenses for customization charging infrastructure. In this case, extensive engineering work is carried out, which can be forgotten during assembly appliances intended for home use

    Wide selection, high quality, competitive prices

    Our offer includes both types of installations - we offer stations designed for charging electric cars in various versions we are direct manufacturer. Regardless of whether the order is for domestic or public variants, we guarantee comprehensive and professional support in the implementation of the investment. We offer competitive financial conditions, and if necessary, we can provide advice in choosing the optimal ones solutions. We invite you to cooperate as part of investing in home and public charging stations for electric cars!

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