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Our services

Our company offers a wide range of services aimed at supporting sustainable mobility. Below you will find detailed information about our key services.

Installation of the charging station

We install electric vehicle charging stations. Our experienced team of specialists will provide you with a professional approach and the best solutions tailored to your needs. Regardless of the scale of the project – from single charging stations to extensive charging infrastructure in many locations – we guarantee timeliness, reliability and efficiency.

Communev: Charging station management system

Our charging station management system, Communev, allows you to earn money on your charging station. you don’t use? Share the station with other drivers and earn money from your station. Communev is a tool that facilitates effective management of the charging infrastructure. Check how it works.


With our service, you don’t have to worry about the failure of the charging station. Our highly qualified technicians will regularly check and maintain your stations, ensuring their reliability and safety. In the event of a failure, we offer a quick response and repair to ensure the continuity of using charging services.


Leasing charging station

Do you want to invest in a charging station, but don’t want to burden your budget with a large one-time payment? We offer the possibility of leasing charging stations, thanks to which you can use modern charging infrastructure by paying small, regular installments. It is the perfect solution for companies and enterprises that want to contribute to the sustainable development of electric mobility.

Looking for other services?

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